Silver game pieces

Board game pieces for marketing event. Designed in Rhino, printed in steel and plated in silver.


Rostock Max v2 with E3D upgrade

Photos of my Delta printer I buil with my friend Alex Lopez. I upgraded the hot end with the E3D v6. 

LARES workshops.

Two years ago we developed a partnership between UIC Architecture and UIC LARES / SHPE where they donated funds to buy two desktop 3D printers to use in our lab. In exchange, I facilitate workshops to introduce young engineers of Latin American descent to digital fabrication, 3D printing, 3D modeling and the mechanics of how to use and run the machines. 

In this workshop I went over:

  • Drafting 1 to 1 scale
  • Basics of 3D modeling in Solidworks and Rhino. 
    • How to apply a picture in the programs and trace from them.
    • How to create this into a 3D form.
  • How this will be turned into a 3D print. 
  • We showed them and what videos to watch. 

3D print display case + Tiny Show

Display Case/ desk organizer I designed to show off 3D prints in Fablab1330. 

This also helped segway into a bi-annual 3D printing contest that we host in the lab now called "tiny show". It allows students from both the architecture and Industrial design department to show off some of their 3D modeling skills.  

Tiny Show was designed, curated and ran by Jamie Freedman, one of our best student workers in fablab1330. 


This summer I took my first solo international trip to Tokyo Japan. I went to visit one of my college best friends and to attend his wedding. I did not have very much planned besides spending a few days with him and exploring the city. I booked a random Airbnb with a household that was trying to practice their English. Besides that, I was pretty much on my own. I ended up making wonderful new friends, visiting art galleries, meeting designers, photographers and writers. At the end of my stay, we made a side trip to IZU to see the coast. 

Sleep lamp




Prop design for momentum art tech

saftey glasses organizer

Book Shelf

While I was working at IIT, my boss, John Kriegshauser and co worker, Michael Gillhouse each had a really interesting bookshelf above their desk. This is my attempt of a copy with my own spin. Laser engraved on a 45 watt universal laser.